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What enforcement measures can be taken to prevent or stop IP infringement?

A complaint from right holders about IP violation or a report from the public may be filed with the IPOPHL-IEO. The IPOPHL- IEO is empowered to issue warning letters as well as blocking, visitorial or compliance orders against the

A civil search-and-seizure order may also be applied for at the courts even before a civil action for infringement is filed. The applicant will be required to post a bond to be determined by the court. A case must be filed within forty-five (45) calendar days from the time of the issuance of the writ otherwise the court will lift the writ and order the return of seized goods. An application for a search warrant may also be filed in court by the law enforcement agency. Once issued, law enforcement agents will conduct a raid, search the premises where the infringement is taking place, and seize infringing objects.

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