About us

AttyAid is an IP agency of more than 12 years’ experience and served for more than 10,000 clients.

About Us

AttyAid Solutions Inc. is an IP office established in Manila, Philippines. The office is located at the heart of Makati Central Business District near the Intellectual Property Philippine Office.

AttyAid was established in 2004 by Mr. Joe Shen, who has provided trademark and patent services in China for more than 10, 000 overseas corporations and individuals. In 2015, Mr. Joe Shen established “AttyRelations”, and in 2017, he joined IPRdaily, a creative intellectual property media in China, as CEO of IPRdaily Global.

AttyAid (Philippines) is a new Intellectual Property agency established by Mr. Joe Shen after China and Hong Kong. Except for Chinese corporations and individuals, this new office is able to provide IP services in Philippines for corporations and individuals from countries such as USA, Japan, Korea and European Union.

The China Trademark and Patent Law Office Limited (CTPLO) was founded in the year 2004. The founder, Mr. Joe Shen, decided to establish AttyAid in order to help small and large scale businesses in marketing their own brand and trademark through the simplest process as much as possible. AttyAid aims in providing a quick and highly responsive service, coupled with a top of the line qualitative bilingual legal services, geared in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with both our domestic and foreign clients.

As one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Office in China, the experiences and credentials of AttyAid are just so vast and diversed which transcend over a broad range of industries. The level of professionalism exhibited by AttyAid is beyond refute. This is the very reason why we in AttyAid always opt for a personalized service designed to satisfy the pertinent needs of each of our clientele. The vigilant foresight of AttyAid is just so keen that it is so responsive and quick in providing creative and skillful solutions concerning any adversaries such that of possible brand infringements. It is just the philosophy of AttyAid to minimize, if not eradicate, any threats or risks affecting the portfolio of our clients.

The China office of AttyAid is located in Hangzhou, China. In the meantime, we are also specialized for handling trademark issues in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Our Team

Chemistry and Biology

The analysts in our Chemistry and Biology team are familiar with STN and GenomeQuest. They use NIH, NCBI, USDA, FDA databases on a daily basis. Those specialized databases, when used with LZ Innovation’s professional search and analytics methodology, can yield great work. Our expertise covers food industry, new material, pharmaceutics, DNA and Protein sequence search, molecular structure search, polymers, herbicides, petrochemistry and compounds.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical analysts are masters in all mechanical areas including medical devices. They are specialized in study catalogs, manuals, instructions, webpages and industry standards. We have project experience in powertrain, new energy vehicle, equipment in petro-industry, rail transportation system including high speed rail, vehicle design, automation system, turbojet, assembly line equipment, commercial hardware including portable tools, wearable sensors, implantable stent, clinical supplies and all kinds of clinical image systems.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering team are good at the technologies of smart grid, batteries, solar energy, semiconductors, memories, integrated circuit, FETs (MOSFET,FinFET), microelectronics (ie. MEMs), LED/OLED, optical system, photoelectric system (laser, CCD), electrical component of commercial appliances and nanotechnology. We emphasize research periodic databases beside patent documents.

We have analysts specialized in electrical communication who are able to utilize industry databases and standards. They further knows sensors, local area network, 4G/5G, signal filtration, audio processing, position technology, remote monitoring, optical communication, firewalls and routing protocols.

Computer Technology

The computer team are experienced in hardware and software technology search. They also search and analyze business methods. They specialized areas are cloud technology, drones and navigation, VR, automated financial transaction, internet software, next generation mobile payment, identification and encryption including fingerprint verification, information safety, internet control.

Why Choose Us?

AttyAid is an IP law firm has more than 12 years of experience and has served more than 10,000 clients. AttyAid have established firm cooperation with 200 law firms around the globe.

AttyAid (Philippines) has its own IP Service Team in Manila. AttyAid (Philippines) implements the International Management System when administering each client’s business as in China and Hong Kong.

CTPLO (mainland China), CTPLO(Hong Kong) and AttyAid(Philippines) will provide first-time reply to your inquiries within one work day.