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What are the types of evidence which are acceptable in Philippines?

  • Labels of the mark as these are used;
  • Downloaded pages from the website clearly showing that the goods are being sold or the services are being rendered in the Philippines;
  • Photographs (including digital photographs printed on ordinary paper) of goods bearing marks as these are actually used or of the stamped or marked container of goods and of the establishment/s where the services are being rendered;
  • Brochures or advertising materials showing the actual use of the mark on the goods being sold or services being rendered in the Philippines;
  • Receipts or invoices of sale of the goods or services rendered or other similar evidence of use, showing that the goods are placed on the market or the services are available in the Philippines;
  • Copies of contracts for services showing the use of the mark.

The applicant does not have to submit all types of the above list.

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