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What alternative dispute resolution options are available, besides the court?

Alternative dispute resolution for IP cases and disputes is available at IPOPHL.

At IPOPHL, mediation is part of the adjudication proceedings, with all cases pending undergoing mandatory mediation, with the latter being handled by the Bureau of Legal Affairs’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (BLA-ADRS). IPOPHL also offers Mediation Outside Litigation services where parties who have an impending IP issue or matter may submit it for mediation even before filing a suit in court or with IPOPHL. Lastly, IPOPHL has partnered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to provide the IPOPHL-WIPO Mediation Option which is available for all cases undergoing mandatory mediation and mediation outside litigation.

The IPOPHL is also exploring other modes of ADR, including arbitration.

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